Proposed Projects

Source Capacity Project is a project to bring additional water to the Sheep Creek Water Company.  The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) issued a Compliance Order in August 2018 due to low water production causing Sheep Creek to be unable to meet the required 10 year Maximum Day Demand (MDD).  Along with the compliance Order, the SWRCB placed a Service Connection Moratorium on Sheep Creek also prohibiting Sheep Creek from issuing any new “Will Serve Letters” for building permits.  In August 2019, the Sheep Creek Shareholders voted to move forward with a plan to drill additional wells to meet the required MDD.  Sheep Creek submmitted a Corrective Action Plan to bring the company back into compliance.  March 2020, the SWRCB issued an Updated Compliance Order approving Sheep Creek's plan to drill additional wells. 

  • Source Capacity Project- Well 12
    January 2024 Update:

    Well 12 was scheduled to begin drilling in January 2023, and be completed by December 2023. Due to California Department of Fish and Wildlife Western Joshua Trees negotiations from September 2022 to August 2023 restricted us from drilling a well at this location.


  • Source Capacity Project- Well 13
    January 2024 Update:

    The conductor casing for Well #13, was installed and completed on May 9, 2023, with no issues.  The crew set up the drilling rig and began drilling the pilot hole on May 14. 2023. On May 16. 2023, the crew encountered hard formation that slowed the penetration rate to 3ft. per hour.  During the drilling of the pilot hole, on May 18, 2023, a hydraulic hose failed and was replaced on May 19, 2023.  The crew then pulled the drill pipe and changed the drill bit due to the hard formation.  Slow penetration rate continued to the total depth on the pilot hole. Which added approximately 1 week of time.  

    Upon completion and e-log of the pilot hole, the crew performed aquifer samples from June 4 to June 23, 2023.  The sampling was per schedule.  Upon completion of the zone sampling, the crews began the reaming process to 1,935 ft.  As discussed, we knew there would be very slow penetration drilling rates at the same locations as the pilot hole.  It would be a slower rate due to the larger 26” drill bit.  Durning the reaming process, there was a catastrophic engine failure on the drilling rig, the rig was down for repair for two and half weeks.  Upon the engine being repaired the reaming of the pilot hole resumed and was completed on July 31, 2023.  Upon completion of the reaming process, the casing was set, gravel packed, developed, and a 1,620 ft. seal was set per the consultant’s recommendation.  The deep seal added three extra days to the project due to having to install the seals in lifts, to avoid the chance of casing collapse.  

    The next step was to test pump the well.  Due to the depth of the static water level and well depth, a special pump was needed to perform this task.  The pump, motor, pipe, wire, & panel had was rented, and the lead time was 45 days.  On October 6. 2023, the test pump was installed.  The well testing began on October 9, 2023, upon completion of the 1st shift, the water wireline sounder cable failed.  To mitigate issues with the cable becoming tangled in the pump, we sent a camera down the 2” sounding tube and determined it was not an issue.  Due to the depth of the static water level a new sounder was purchased and was received on October 17, 2023, then testing resumed.  The testing was completed on October 19, 2023. 

    From the pump test results a pump design was presented, approved, and ordered from Baker Hughes with a lead time of 3-4 weeks which is extremely fast due to the pump being specialized. While waiting for the pump to be built, the well head completion foundation was installed and ready for pump installation.  The permanent pump was received, and installation was completed on December 16, 2023.  

    Due to slow penetration rates (hard formation) on the pilot hole, final ream, the hydraulic hose, motor issue, sounder failure, and material lead time issues the added time of completion is estimated to be 60 – 75 days.  Drilling and completing a well of this depth, testing and installation is not a standard well project.  The issues during this project were not normal and are extraordinary.  

    Currently waiting for Edison and our Electrician contractor to finish the electrical work on the well. Once that is completed, we can hook up to our system and, the well drillers can come in and do start up.

  • Source Capacity Project- Well 16
    January 2024 Update:

    Sheep Creek Water Company began drilling Well 16 at 4200 Sunnyslope Rd, Phelan, CA in November 2022. The well was drilled to 520’ and hit Granite and Bed Rock. The hydrologists and well drillers recommended not to move forward in continuing to drill this well. They both felt there was not enough water to continue.