Drought Contingency

Sheep Creek Water Company continues to face drought conditions. 

Please continue to conserve water.  The current allotment is 750 cubic feet of water for the first share on the water account and 150 cubic feet of water for the remaining shares.  Although the area has received some rain and snow, the area needs significant rain and snow fall year after year.  Recharge to the underground aquifer takes several years. 

The well levels and production are monitored closely.  IF Sheep Creek Water sees additional drops in production, the allotment will continue to be lowered.  The allotment is calculated on the 8,000 available shares.  If customers go over their allotment, they are using someone else's water.  Each share is entitled to 1/8000th of the available water.

Sheep Creek's current water production is 400 gallons per minute.  The Board of Directors had to take drastic measures to ensure water is available to the Shareholders.  The overage water rate was increased to discourage additional water use and to pay the additional cost to acquire additional water.  Please keep all water use within your allotment.


Click the link to see more helpful tips for water conservation.


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